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Ramp Your Revenue ... in as Little as 90 Days
E-Commerce Company 64% Sales Increase over 2 years
Technical Service Closed $1,000,000 Sale
Quote to Order Software Increased Product Price 15 fold
Reconciliation Software Sold Company for 15x revenue
Retail Website Built 300,000 email list in 12 months
Medical Distribution Company $4,500,000 Sales Increase
Professional Service Firm 300% Sales Increase in 3 years
Enterprise Software Company Raised $8,000,000 after securing “Brand Name” customers
Supply Chain Software Increased new client acquisition count by over 200%
Specialty Staffing Company $500,000 new sales in 90 days
Computer Hardware Reseller Increase revenue by $10,000,000
Retail Website Grew traffic from 80,000 to 550,000 visitors
Quote to Order Software Company Attracted $2,000,000 investment
E-Commerce Company E-mail marketing generated $50,0000 per week
Construction Software Closed $750,000 in new orders
Offshore Outsourcing Generated $400,000 of new business in 120 days
Software Company $1,800,000 over 18 months
Supply Chain Software Recaptured $3,000,000 lost sale
Training Company Increased average order 6x
E-commerce Company Increased net promoter score from 65 to 81
Enterprise Software Company Increase average order from $50,000 to $175,000

The Revenue Ramp System

Revenue Ramp System

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Hi … My name is Mark Schaffner, President & CEO of Performance Associates. I helped over 300 companies of all types and sizes compete more effectively … and I can help you too. At Performance Associates we use a proven process to discover what your prospects want to buy and show you how to sell it to them. The process is simple, scalable and delivers quick results.

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