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After you make a sale it can get tricky.

You can’t make any big money if you don’t get new clients, but you can’t bring in new clients if you don’t have a good relationship with existing ones.  Just keep in mind that your real goal should be to make multiple sales to the same client.  Some salespeople want to make a big “score” and move on.  That is a mistake.

The rich salesperson has an account development plan in his mind when they make the first sale.  When the client is expressing their happiness, the sales pro begins exploring how they can help the new client solve another problem with another product or service.  The great sales person is always learning about their accounts – because they know customers buy from the person who understands them the best.

Understanding is what account development is all about.  When a sales person meets the a prospect for the first time, no trust or understanding exists.   Trust only begins to emerge as the prospect begins to believe the sales person understands their needs.  This trust is the incumbents advantage.   Don’t squander your advantage by failing to develop customer relationships.

How do you develop a deeper customer relationship?  Figure out how to sell them more stuff!  Ask questions.  Probe for problems.  Make recommendations. Ask for a sale. All good salespeople will agree that an account is either growing or dying.  By spending hours listening, servicing, exploring problems and presenting solutions to existing clients, your business will grow.