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The assessment is the stage where you qualify your prospect.  You’ve captured the prospects attention with your opening claim. Now you want to keep their interest going strong.

So what do you do now?

You establish credibility and verify your prospect’s need.  Show the prospect you understand them.  Establish your knowledge and pique your prospect’s curiosity by asking a series of questions.

Don’t tell them much.  Impress them by knowing the right questions to ask.  Make them curious about what they’ll learn as they move through your sales process.

There are many ways to make your prospect curious.  You can reference past successes or promise solutions to problems only insiders know about.  All these approaches work just fine.

By the end of the questions your goal is to know if you and your prospect have a compelling reason to do business.  And for your prospect to want to learn about how you can help them.

When their curiosity peaks, offer your prospect a value that they can’t refuse.